Blume provides an extensive list of APIs to manage the shipments on our platform.

The APIs provide create, update, cancel Shipment; Shipment Leg, get Shipment, and shipment leg details by Shipment number and originator code, Shipment leg number and originator code.

API Guidelines

The following are the API Guidelines:
  • All requests must include base URL
  • Each request must be called with one of the HTTP verbs – GET, POST, PUT, PATCH
  • User must substitute valid values for mandatory and optional fields as and when required.
  • All the request and request parameters are case sensitive
  • Data is returned in JSON format
  • API attempts to conform to the design principles of Representational State Transfer (REST) and relevant W3C HTTP/1.1 standards
  • Only use UTF-8 characters encoding. Parameter values should be converted to UTF-8 and URL encoded according to W3C standards

Rate Limit

  • All requests are subject to a rate limit
  • Rate limiting restricts the number of times user can request resources from the API within a certain time window
  • The default rate limit is 2000 requests per hour.
  • If request exceed than defined rate limit, then HTTP "429 Too Many Requests" response will persist until the next hour begins.

External URL

To be whitelisted during implementation.